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Our CoolSculpting Results Promise

For twenty five plus years our practice has always put patients first. With CoolSculpting, it’s no different. We know that patients love the idea of lasting fat reduction in areas that are hard to target with diet and exercise.

But of course people don’t love the idea of investing time and money into a procedure that doesn’t work!

We totally understand which is why we created our CoolSculpting Results Promise.

At Edelman M.D., we stand behind the CoolSculpting technology 100%. Over 6 million treatments have been done worldwide. People you know are walking around on a daily basis looking and feeling better.

They’ve stopped hoping for results and taken action with CoolSculpting instead.

We stand behind our CoolSculpting experts’ work. In fact, we are so confident in getting our clients results that we developed our CoolSculpting Results Promise, so all our clients have to lose is stubborn and unwanted fat.

At your complimentary consultation ask about our promise to get all the details. Read below to learn more about how CoolSculpting works!

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No downtime•Pain-free•Non-invasive•Research-proven technique


The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is FDA-cleared to eliminate stubborn fat in 8 FDA treatment areas, including:

  Fat cells after CoolSculpting treatment

Fat cells after CoolSculpting treatment








The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting—so you'll look great from every angle.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Fat cells are vulnerable to low temperatures. The technology behind this process aims at cooling these fat cells found beneath the skin. The lipids in the fat cells freeze and crystallize, making the fat cells die naturally, a process known as apoptosis.

As the fat cells die, the body safely and gradually filters them out over the course of the next two to six months. When the dead fat cells are successfully removed from the body, the circumference of the treated areas shrinks, causing a noticeably slimmed-down look.

The CoolSculpting procedure is done in our office. CoolSculpting is so safe and comfortable that the patient doesn’t feel any effects when the fat-freezing process is underway.


What Results Will I See?

In a few weeks’ time, you should see fat loss results. With the right plan, patients see as high as 25% fat loss in their first treatment of targeted areas.

Since the body continues to flush fat cells, the treated area can continue to reveal results up to six months post-treatment. If you maintain your weight by exercising and checking your diet, the results should be long-term and stable.

Note that visible results vary with an individual’s initial fat deposit in the treated area, but in almost all cases, patients experience noticeable results.


How Can I Pay for CoolSculpting?

During your free CoolSculpting consult, your CoolSculpting consultant will review payment options with you. For qualified patients that are interested, we offer six months of no-interest, no-payment financing through a partnership with PayPal.