Menopause Matters: Your Guide To A Long And Healthy Life

Empowering women to be active partners with their physicians during midlife and beyond, Menopause Matters is a complete guide for improving a woman’s physical and mental health from age 35 to 75 and beyond.

As a gynecologist and menopause specialist, Dr. Julia Edelman has helped thousands of women feel better and enjoy healthier lives. Scientifically sound and clinically tested, Dr. Edelman’s advice is a welcome alternative to the often misleading, conflicting, and confusing sound bites in media reports on women’s health issues. Menopause Matters covers the full spectrum of topics of vital interest to perimenopausal and postmenopausal women: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, poor sleep, memory loss, mood changes, depression, hormone replacement therapy, sleep, diet, exercise, weight control, healthy sex, and contraception. And unique to this menopause book, there is a chapter on cancer prevention strategies.

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Chapter 1 — You and Your Doctor: The Health Alliance

Chapter 2 — Handling Hot Flashes Without Hormones

Chapter 3 — Taking Hormones in Menopause

Chapter 4 — Heart Disease: The Risk of Doing Nothing

Chapter 5 — Understanding Unexpected Bleeding

Chapter 6 — Common Concerns

Chapter 7 — Smoother Sex

Chapter 8 — Compatible Contraception

Chapter 9 — Moods, Memory, and Mental Health

Chapter 10 — Successful Sleep

Chapter 11 — Better Bones

Chapter 12 — Lifestyle Choices for Living Longer

Chapter 13 — Curbing Your Risk of Cancer

Chapter 14 — Your Doctor Visit




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“Menopause Matters covers so much more than menopausal issues. It is a comprehensive medical guide for all women in their thirties and beyond. Especially important now, when women are being barraged with data on topics like ‘bioidentical hormones,’ Dr. Edelman provides clear information that will help women make informed decisions about their health.”
— Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., Clinical Professor, Yale University School of Medicine; Women’s Health Advisor, Prevention Magazine

“Wise, witty and wonderfully up-to-date, Dr. Edelman’s compendium is the definitive guide for women navigating the perimenopausal and menopausal years. Debunking the quick fixes, explaining the hot topics in depth, offering step-by-step instructions for starting and maintaining preventive self-care — this user-friendly handbook has it all. A priceless gift.”
— Nanette Santoro, M.D., Professor of Gynecology and Women’s Health, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center

“In a world besieged by misinformation through outrageous marketing, hype, and unproven promises, it is like a breath of fresh air to finally read a well-balanced and scientifically based book about menopause and the issues regarding hormone and other treatments. This book will answer your questions.”
— Wulf H. Utian MD PhD DSc, Executive Director, The North American Menopause Society

“Menopause does matter, and I will be encouraging my family, friends, patients, and colleagues to read this wonderful book. Dr. Edelman provides practical advice on reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as improving sleep, memory, bone strength, and sexual pleasure. Case histories using women’s own words bring the material to life.”
— Jan Leslie Shifren, M.D., Director, Vincent Menopause Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

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