Successful Sleep Strategies For Women

You are not alone – more than 60% of women don’t sleep well in midlife – and even many college-age women sleep poorly. If you don’t wake up rested and refreshed, read Successful Sleep Strategies for Women, by Julia Schlam Edelman, MD.

Whether you are interested in natural remedies, lifestyle modifications, or prescription pills, you will find practical guidance.

Successful Sleep Strategies for Women presents the latest scientific research findings in the form of easy-to-read stories followed by Dr. Edelman’s discussion of what experts recommend.

• Fall asleep sooner
• Sleep better
• Wake up rested
• Natural remedies
• Lifestyle modifications
• Sleep medications

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Part I: Fall Asleep Faster

Chapter 1 — Lifestyle Choices

Chapter 2 — Medication Options

Chapter 3 — Natural Remedies

Part II: Sleep More Soundly

Chapter 4 — Overcoming Restless Legs Syndrome

Chapter 5 — Eliminating Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

Chapter 6 — How Alcohol Impacts Sleep

Chapter 7 — Medical Conditions and Medications that Impact Sleep

Part III: Wake Up Refreshed

Chapter 8 — Dealing with Mood Changes and Depression

Chapter 9 — Correcting a Sluggish Metabolism

Chapter 10 — The Relationship between Body Weight and Sleep

Chapter 11 — Treatments for Snoring and Other Breathing Difficulties

Chapter 12 — Therapy for Sleep Misperception


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Trouble sleeping? This is the book for you
Based on the best evidence and presented in a clear, concise way, Dr Edelman helps women with a common and troublesome problem. As a gynecologist I have found this book useful in identifying strategies for my patients with trouble sleeping.
— Dale Magee ( five star review)

Wise advice to improve the sleep of women
Sleep is one of life’s treasured pleasures and critically important to our health. Disrupted sleep, either not being able to fall asleep, or awakening and lying awake for hours is one of life’s most troubling miseries.
Among adolescents and young adults, sleep disorders are equally common in men and women. However, in mid-life sleep disorders are far more common in women then men.
In medical training there is almost no education about how to best approach the sleep disorders that are so common among women.
Dr Edelman provides excellent advice and strategies to improve the sleep patterns of women. This book is valuable and much needed resource. Thank you Dr Edelman!!
I recommend this book for all the women (and their doctors) who are troubled by sleep disorders.
As DH Lawrence wrote: “And if tonight my soul may find my peace in sleep, and sink in good oblivion and in the morning wake like a new-born flower, and then I have been dipped again in God and new created.”
— Robert Barbieri ( five-star review)

Better Nights and Days!
Every woman should have this book on her shelf! Dr. Edelman generously shares down-to-earth, well-researched and clinically tested methods for getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed. Using stories of real women’s experiences with sleep difficulties, she demonstrates how we can improve our night-time habits and, by doing so, improve our days as well. Dr. Edelman provides information in a very readable and enjoyable style. She allows the reader to make her own choices of methods for improving her sleep and,– by extension– her health and well-being. It’s a thorough and succinct look at this topic that will be a great help to women readers everywhere.
— Anna Ranieri, MBA, PhD ( five-star review)
Co-author, How Can I Help: What You Can (and Can’t) Do to Counsel a Friend, Colleague or Family Member With a Problem

Want a good night sleep? This book is for us!
The title of Dr. Edelman’s book says it all – “Successful strategies…” She offers sound advice on all aspects of our sleeping hours…falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed! And, she talks about it in a way we can all relate – with stories, examples, and excellent advice! If you just graduated college and must now contend with the sleep schedule of a working person, or if you are a retired grandmother, this book is for all of us! Thank you Dr. Edelman for a much needed book that’s an easy and enlightening read! — Susan M. ( five-star review)

Finally — a New Year’s resolution that will be a pleasure to do!
Every year around this time our collective attention seems to focus on self-improvement and our resolve to make better lifestyle and health related choices. How refreshing it is to read Dr. Edelman’s book, Successful Sleep Strategies for Women! My own concerns regarding sleep are health related and don’t bear the usual guilt that accompanies my other desires for self-improvement. So, choosing this area of my life to focus on is a pleasure because a successful outcome is so attainable! I am so happy to learn from Dr. Edelman’s viable strategies, based on recent medical research. These new strategies help me feel immeasurably better during the day. Without a good night’s sleep my work and family obligations seem hectic and demanding. However, what I’ve learned from Successful Sleep Strategies for Women eliminates that sense of helplessness. Your own personal solutions are more likely to be apparent when you can confidently say, “I’m going to sleep on that!” I highly recommend that you read this potentially lifesaving book. — Margie Krebs ( five-star review)

Perchance to dream? Hey, we’ll take the sleep!
Dr. Julia Edelman is a nationally recognized menopause clinician, recognized as such by our professional organization, the North American Menopause Society. She has also had a longstanding interest in sleep disturbances. When the Editorial Board of the Journal The Female Patient decided we needed to publish an article for clinicians on sleep disorders, it was a natural to ask Dr. Edelman to write this article, because of her clinical interest and expertise on the topic. I was then delighted that Julia proceeded to write an expanded version for women of all ages to read. Her book, Successful Sleep Strategies for Women, is a terrific compilation of her experience and knowledge of how to care for women who experience difficulties with sleep. And although perimenopausal and menopausal women often suffer from sleep disorders, Julia brings out the problems that women of all ages can experience. She always has pragmatic suggestions on how to achieve quality sleep.
I am delighted that Successful Sleep Strategies for Women is now available for my patients to read on their Kindles (although per Julia’s advice, I’m not going to have them reading this before going to bed!) — they’ll be following all of her excellent advice.
— Mary Jane Minkin, M.D. FACOG, NCMP ( five-star review)

Moving toward a restful sleep
This information is long overdue. So many people, of every age, suffer from sleep problems and we underestimate the importance of a restful night’s sleep. This book not only provides scenarios that people can identify with, but goes on to offer strategies and medication choices so that each person can chose what works best for them. It addresses the everyday habits that we get into that work against an adequate and refreshing night’s sleep. Because it contains evidence-based strategies to improve sleep, it is also a wonderful reference for health care providers.
— Elizabeth T. ( five-star review)

The Road to a Good Night’s Sleep
Successful Sleep Strategies for Women by Julia Schlam Edelman, M.D. is a succinct, easy-to-follow e-book that opens up this confusing topic. It is remarkable for its scope and brevity. It gives a broad presentation of therapies and clinical cases. Both general readers and highly experienced physicians will find this e-book helpful. It is clear enough to break through biases among those of us who think we already know the field.
— Retired Doc ( five-star review)

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