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The New EMSCULPT NEO | for Muscle and Fat

EMSCULPT NEO is the first and only body contouring option that targets both muscle and fat. The revolutionary device combines radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy into a single treatment. The synergistic effect of these energies stimulates muscle growth in the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs, while simultaneously reducing stubborn belly fat. This new technology is effective on a wide range of body types, including individuals with a BMI up to 35. Furthermore, treatments are painless, quick, and require no downtime.


  • Build muscle and burn fat
  • Comprehensive body contouring
  • FDA cleared
  • Clinically proven results
  • Decrease fat by 30%
  • Increases muscle by 25%
  • Lasting reduction in belly fat
  • A painless, 30-minute treatment
  • No downtime

EMSCULPT NEO Before and After Results*

EMSCULPT NEO before and after pictures demonstrate the comprehensive effects of this body contouring treatment. As with any body shaping treatment, results may vary.* For the best outcome possible, patients should choose a reputable and experienced provider to perform this technique sensitive procedure.


What’s New?

The EMSCULPT NEO treatment builds off its predecessor. The original EMSCULPT utilized High Intensity Focused Electric Magnetic (HIFEM) energy. The improved EMSCULPT NEO adds Radio Frequency (RF). This innovation is revolutionary to the body sculpting industry. No other device combines HIFEM and RF energy into a single treatment. The addition of RF energy allows for an unprecedented 30% decrease in fat. No other non-invasive fat reduction treatment, including CoolSculpting, can claim such dramatic reductions in fat.

What Is Emsculpt NEO’s Edge Applicator?

BTL, the company that brought us Emsculpt NEO, has been making waves in the aesthetic industry. BTL has taken their fat-burning, muscle-building Emsculpt NEO treatments, improved the technology, and added new treatment areas. The new Emsculpt NEO Edge Applicator takes fat reduction to the next level. It targets the flanks to contour the body’s natural curves, producing a V shape for men, and accentuating the waist for women. Patients notice permanent reduction of waist fat and increases in their midsection muscle mass. Three months from the conclusion of the treatment series, you will see permanent fat reduction. No maintenance Is necessary to maintain the fat reduction other than avoiding substantial weight gain. The muscle building may be maintained with periodic edge applicator boosters, working out, or both.

How Does Emsculpt NEO’s New Flank Applicator Work?

The Edge Applicator works similarly to Emsculpt NEO, except it allows for a precise contour. The groundbreaking device:

  •  Tones the abdominal muscles
  •  Improves core strength
  •  Encourages good posture
  •  Provides back pain relief

Emsculpt NEO’s innovative flank applicator uses HIFEM technology and radiofrequency to whittle away muffin tops, love handles, and spare tires while building muscle in the area. Do you exercise frequently, eat clean, and still struggle with love handles? The Edge Applicator may be the perfect solution for you. Its electromagnetic energy stimulates powerful muscle contractions, which develop stronger muscles.

Flank Applicator Before and After*

You may have seen our Emsculpt NEO before and after pictures. The same concept applies to Emsculpt NEO’s flank applicator. Patients in these before and after images show impressive body contouring results in the midsection. Similar to Emsculpt NEO, using the flank applicator device requires special training, techniques and skills. Trust a reputable provider to see impressive results.


Edge Applicator Body Sculpting Results

BTL’s advent of the new flank applicator has elevated the overall Emsculpt NEO experience. This smaller device allows for greater precision. As a result, well trained aesthetic technicians can help patients achieve their body sculpting goals with accuracy. Individuals notice a trimmed and tighter-looking stomach. It is no wonder so many men and women are eager to try this novel treatment. It provides visible, gratifying results with no surgery or downtime. While some individuals may observe some improvement after a few treatments, expect maximum results three months after your final treatment. Individuals who try Emsculpt Neo’s new Edge applicator notice reduced muffin tops, smaller spare tires, and less generous love handles, as well as firmer muscles. As with any treatment, results vary per person.*

Emsculpt NEO Flank Applicator Risks and Side Effects

When researching new devices like the Edge Applicator, people want to know if there are risks or side effects. Like Emsculpt NEO, this flank applicator is safe and effective for body contouring. The difference is that it specifically targets side fat. If you are properly hydrated prior to, and during your treatment, you are not likely to experience even temporary muscle soreness. If you do have mild soreness, it typically subsides with hydration and rest.

Can I Use the Edge Applicator?

The Edge Applicator treatment is FDA approved for safety and is delivered by a non-invasive device. Most patients respond well. We do not recommend trying the Edge Applicator if you:

  •  Are nursing
  •  Are pregnant
  •  Have an electronic device like a pacemaker or an Implantable defibrillator In your body
  •  Have an artificial hip

Are you still unsure of whether you can use the Edge Applicator? Consult a skilled provider at The New England Center for Body Sculpting in Greater Boston, serving Southcoast, Providence, Newport, and Cape Cod. We offer complementary consultations to answer your questions and help you decide if the Emsculpt NEO Edge Applicator is right for you. If the new flank applicator is not a good fit for you, we can recommend other alternatives to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Call us at (508) 947-2852 to schedule a free consult.

How Does It Work?

The new EMSCULPT NEO involves sophisticated technology that simultaneously emits HIFEM energy with RF energy through a single applicator. These concurrent energies provide a synergistic effect, delivering better results in a single treatment than these energies produce individually during separate treatments.

The Addition of RF to the EMSCULPT Treatment Optimizes Fat Reduction.

Like the original treatment, EMSCULPT NEO delivers unprecedented muscle development using HIFEM energy. The HIFEM energy is delivered using a proprietary applicator. The energy safely passes through the skin and penetrates the underlying muscle. The electromagnetic current stimulates the tissue to contract. These muscle contractions, known as supramaximal contractions, are far more powerful than a person can induce on their own. Each 30-minute treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions. The tension of these contractions forces the body to adapt by creating new muscle cells and strengthening existing muscle fibers.

Prior to the contractions, RF energy heats underlying tissue, warming the muscle up in preparation for the contractions. Besides the synergistic effect the RF technology adds to the muscle building, the dual energies also trigger lipolysis or the death of fat cells. Thermal energy disrupts the fat cells, causing them to melt. They destroyed fat cells are collected by the lymphatic system and processed out of the body as waste. Once removed from the body, those fat cells cannot grow back. They are done for good. This leads to long-lasting results.


Clinical reviews provide scientifically verified evidence of EMSCULPT NEO’s safety and efficacy. Comprehensive testing demonstrates fantastic results, including a 30% reduction in fat and a 25% increase in muscle mass.

Improvement is possible with a single session. However, for optimal outcomes, a treatment plan of 4 sessions, spaced a week or so apart, is recommended.

Individual experiences vary.* Yet, most patients see the full potential of their results within three months.

After Treatment

EMSCULPT NEO requires no downtime. Patients may go about their daily routine immediately after. Following treatment, you may experience muscle fatigue like the soreness experienced after a workout. Any soreness dissipates within 24 to 48 hours.

What Areas Can It Treat?

Like the original EMSCULPT, the EMSCULPT NEO builds, strengthens, and tones the major muscle groups of the abdomen, the buttocks, the arms, and the legs (including thighs and calves.) In addition, EMSCULPT NEO targets stubborn belly fat. We are proud to be the first provider in Middleboro, MA to introducing the new edge applicators. These specifically target the lower obliques, also known as “love handles” with their cutting-edge deign.


How Much Does EMSCULPT NEO Cost?

By combining fat reduction with muscle growth, patients receive more comprehensive treatment and better results at less cost. Nevertheless, EMSCULPT NEO cost varies per patient. Prices fluctuate based on the treatment area, the scope of the treatment plan, and available discounts.


Transform your appearance with a slimmer, stronger, more sculpted physique. Take the first step towards a new you by scheduling a free consultation with the New England Center for Body Sculpting. Conveniently located in Middleboro, the New England Center for Body Sculpting is a premier provider of Emsculpt NEO in Southcoast and Eastern MA. Book your consultation by contacting the center online or calling (508) 947-2852 today.


Please call (508) 947-2852 or fill out the form below.

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.


Please call (508) 947-2852 or fill out the form below.

By submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.

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