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EMSculpt Celebrities: 6 Celebs Who Can’t Get Enough of EMSculpt NEO

You Won’t Believe Who #6 Is!

More muscle, less fat! Say no more. EMSculpt NEO is the perfect treatment for reducing unwanted, stubborn subcutaneous fat from the body while boosting and building stronger muscles. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder why so many celebs are in love with this non-surgical, non-invasive, no downtime or recovery-required body sculpting treatment!

Let’s learn more about EMSculpt NEO and why these six famous celebs contribute their taut, strong, and sexy physiques to this powerful treatment.

What Celebs are Loving EMSculpt NEO?

While most celebrities work out, eat healthy, and follow strict routines for movies and events, they sometimes need extra help. This is where they turn to EMSculpt NEO! This powerhouse treatment is considered the best of both worlds, combining muscle stimulation and radiofrequency energy for optimized fat burn.

Here’s a look at five female celebs who can’t stop talking about their incredible experiences with EMSculpt NEO:

1. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore, the youngest ever to host SNL, has long been a public advocate for EMSculpt. She says she uses the treatment to enhance muscle tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. She also praises this BTL treatment, sharing how it has treated and improved several issues she has had since having children.

Diastasis Recti is a common issue for postpartum women. Barrymore was no different, and she saw visible and impressive improvements in her abdomen after beginning her EMSculpt treatment plan.

As the founder of Flower Beauty and the host of “The Drew Barrymore Show,” she actively promotes EMSculpt as the best way to tone and strengthen your core after pregnancy. Barry expressed at a public BTL event, “To be strong, healthy, and maintain an exercise regimen, a strong core is essential, something I struggled with for the past seven or eight years.”

She states, “I work a lot, my kids come first, and I was 10th on the list, but I want to look good in my clothes. I want that elusive 80/20. I’m 44, and I’m asking, ‘What are the next few chapters of my life, and how are they going to function?’ I needed something to change my physical abilities so that I could actually start living my life.”

See the full interview here.

2. Megan Fox

Hollywood icon, actress, and newly published author Megan Fox has been a proud EMSculpt NEO user for years. Fox uses EMSculpt NEO regularly to maintain a toned figure and help make achieving fitness goals easier. She also says she enjoys EMSculpt because it significantly affects her body without needing countless hours in the gym. Many celebs stay on the go, much like Fox, so spending countless hours in the gym day after day is not possible.

EMSculpt NEO provides a simple, non-surgical way to work their muscles, improve muscle definition, and burn off any lingering stubborn fat without missing a beat during busy days.

Fox promotes EMSculpt NEO in a video she recorded after a session. She says, “I am loving these EMSculpt treatments for real. They are making a huge difference, and I haven’t even waited long enough to see the full results. I’m super psyched about this. It’s a really good machine.”

3. Lisa Rinna

Celebrity and reality star Lisa Rinna loves to talk about the transformative effects of EMSculpt NEO on her physique. At 56, Rinna credits the treatment with reshaping her midsection. During an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she shared her experience with the EMSculpt butt treatment, enthusiastically endorsing it as one of the best procedures she’s ever undergone. She said, “I love it—my body’s morphing into that of a 21-year-old. This is my fourth session, and I’m absolutely obsessed.”

4. Kim Kardashian

As a celebrity who maintains an active lifestyle, Kim Kardashian understands the pressure to stay fit and toned. She has publicly expressed her enthusiasm for EMSculpt NEO, noting in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (Season 17, Episode 3) that it “feels like you’re doing stomach crunches, but you’re not.” Kim has relied on EMSculpt NEO to help her lose weight post-pregnancy.

5. Cary Deuber

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” star and mom, Cary Deuber, is a big fan of EMSculpt. As a nurse, she often recommends it to patients looking for dramatic results. Cary shared her enthusiasm on Instagram, detailing her incredible transformation after four sessions within a month. She posted, “My abs are tighter and flatter, plus I got a nice booty lift!”

6. Rob Gronkowski

While many well-known celebrities using EMSculpt NEO are women, the treatment is certainly not limited to them! In fact, several famous men are very public about why they take advantage of this popular body sculpting treatment. Among these men is celebrity and former New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. Affectionately nicknamed “The Gronk,” Gronkowski uses EMSculpt to enhance muscle mass and achieve a more defined physique.

The Super Bowl champion is widely known for his endurance on the football field, and he says he uses EMSculpt NEO to bolster his athletic performance. The treatment delivers over 20,000 intense muscle contractions per session, known as supramaximal contractions—far more intense than one can typically achieve through regular gym workouts. The EMSculpt contractions keep muscles robust and ready for peak performance, an ideal choice for Gronk, the former powerhouse tight end, who stands at 6’6, weighing 264lb!

So, Why Do Celebs and Athletes Love EMSculpt’s Technology?

EMSculpt NEO is the premier non-surgical option for enhancing and refining your physique. It’s a favorite among celebrities and public figures because it effectively strengthens, tones, and defines muscles while eliminating stubborn fat without pain, surgery, or downtime. EMSculpt results are natural-looking and develop gradually over time, which can be ideal for anyone who prefers a subtle transformation. This discreet nature of the treatment means that no one needs to know about the procedure unless you choose to share it—a significant benefit for many, including celebrities who often opt to keep such details private.

An EMSculpt NEO session tones and strengthens muscles and reduces fat. In a typical session, the device induces 20,000 intense muscle contractions. Concurrently, radiofrequency (RF) technology heats the subcutaneous fat, effectively burning it and permanently destroying fat cells. Since EMSculpt NEO is non-surgical, no healing period is required after treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately following each session.

EMSculpt Boasts Clinically Proven Results

Celebrities are major supporters of EMSculpt NEO for good reason—it delivers impressive outcomes. Clinical research has demonstrated that EMSculpt NEO treatments can lead to a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle mass.

Visible improvements typically appear between two to four weeks after the final session and continue to develop over the following weeks. Some individuals even notice enhancements after just one session. Further data indicates that muscle growth and appearance may continue to improve over the long term. A follow-up study revealed that patients saw an increase in muscle volume six months after their EMSculpt NEO sessions concluded.

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Combine EMSculpt NEO and Coolsculpting Elite for a Total Body Transformation

Combining EMSculpt NEO with CoolSculpting Elite offers exceptional body contouring results. More people are using non-surgical body contouring services because they are risk-free and have no surgical drawbacks, like a long recovery and lengthy downtime. Both EMSculpt NEO and CoolSculpting Elite are groundbreaking treatments, each offering unique benefits that significantly transform the physique.

By committing to both technologies, you take advantage of the distinct features: EMSculpt NEO builds and tones muscle while reducing fat, whereas CoolSculpting Elite focuses on non-invasive fat reduction in targeted areas with persistent fat buildup.

Starting with CoolSculpting can effectively reduce stubborn fat, followed by EMSculpt NEO to further sculpt and enhance muscle definition. Together, they provide a powerful combination of muscle toning and fat loss, leading to a beautifully sculpted body.

To learn more about receiving CoolSculpting Elite and EMSculpt NEO together, speak with one of the body sculpting experts at The New England Center for Body Sculpting founded by  Medical Director, Dr. Julia Edelman, MD, FACOG, and MSCP.

Find Out Why Celebs Rave About EMSculpt Neo for Yourself

When you see celebrities with their trim, slim, defined figures and flawless skin, it’s easy to forget that they aren’t naturally like this. They are human, just like everyone else, and they put considerable effort into maintaining their appearances. They follow strict diets, stick to strict exercise routines, and undergo treatments like EMSculpt to meet Hollywood’s demanding beauty standards.

The New England Center of Body Sculpting’s body contouring experts are excited to offer EMSculpt NEO treatments near Boston, MA. Our facility is conveniently located near the 495 rotary in Middleboro, MA, and we serve Greater Boston, Greater Providence, South Shore, Southcoast, Cape Cod, Newport, and Eastern MA.

If you’re ready to achieve your dream body, call (508) 947-2852 to set up a consultation with one of our body sculpting experts at The New England Center for Body Sculpting.


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