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CoolSculpting Elite Results | Get a Sculpted and Toned Body

CoolSculpting Elite Results show that it is possible to achieve a sculpted body without going under the knife. Have you been thinking about trying it for yourself? Check out our CoolSculpting Elite before and after photos to see the stunning fat reduction that our patients experience from the procedure. Get optimal results by selecting a skilled provider and verifying candidacy before the treatment.

Read on to learn how CoolSculpting Elite can help you reach your body goals.

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CoolSculpting Elite Benefits

CoolSculpting Elite is the new and improved fat-freezing machine:

  •  Targets fat in 9 areas including under the chin, stomach, love handles/ lower & upper back, arms, bra roll, under the buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, knee area
  •  Reduce more fat in a shorter amount of time
  •  Quick and painless procedure
  •  Non-invasive and no downtime
  •  FDA-cleared as safe and effective
  •  Long-lasting results

CoolSculpting Elite Before and After*

Are you curious about what CoolSculpting Elite can do for you? Take a look at the before and after images of our patients to see their transformations. Just like any other aesthetic treatment, though, personal results vary.* These CoolSculpting Elite before and after pictures depict our real clients and their body changes from the procedure.

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CoolSculpting Elite Results & Effectiveness*

CoolSculpting Elite is a popular fat reduction treatment because people no longer need to get surgery and endure a rough recovery to see results. Patients may begin noticing changes in as little as three weeks after their treatment. The most dramatic results tend to show between one to three months. Once fat cells die from Cryolipolysis, they do not return. This means that CoolSculpting Elite results can be long-lasting if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Impressive CoolSculpting Elite Results

The best way to get unparalleled CoolSculpting Elite results is to choose an experienced provider. Since this fat-freezing treatment is technique-sensitive, the doctor’s expertise level will impact your results and overall experience. Many prioritize cost when shopping for a nearby CoolSculpting provider. But it should not be the key consideration. Going with the most reputable medical spa in your region will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Before getting CoolSculpting Elite, it is important to verify candidacy. This treatment is not for weight loss. Rather, it is ideal for healthy men and women that struggle with shedding fat despite a clean diet and active lifestyle. Those who are overweight may need to lose weight before they try CoolSculpting.

The Best CoolSculpting Near Me in Southeastern MA

Select Dr. Edelman’s New England Center for Body Sculpting for top-notch CoolSculpting Elite results serving clients in Cape Cod, Providence, Newport, Southeastern MA in Middleboro, MA. Our team has performed fat-freezing treatments for years, and our clients love their experience with us. We use innovative technology to help you look and feel amazing. Contact us at (508) 947-2852 to schedule a free consultation and see if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting Elite.




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