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CoolSculpting Stomach | How to Eliminate Belly Fat

Belly fat, or a stomach pouch, is a common problem for millions of people. Fat naturally accumulates in the lower stomach. Since “spot reducing” fat is a myth, reducing belly fat is extremely challenging. The truth is that lower abdomen fat has many causes consisting of gender, age, genetics, and hormones, or even specific medical conditions. Due to its biology, this fat resists diet and exercise efforts. Fortunately, there is now a non-invasive way to eliminate belly fat. CoolSculpting stomach treatments provide a way to shed stubborn belly fat and contour a sexy waistline.

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The Little Known Causes of Belly Fat

Poor lifestyle choices are not always the direct cause of stubborn belly bulges. Estrogen directs the body to deposit more fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs for women. As women get older, their estrogen levels drop and cause fat cells to accumulate more in the belly region. For men, the lower stomach is the body’s default area for storing any extra weight. Gender and hormones affect belly fat, as does age. The metabolism declines as our bodies get older, causing the body to use up fewer calories. Slower metabolism means fat is extremely hard to reduce in areas like the abdomen for both men and women.

Belly Fat Solutions

Living a healthy lifestyle is fundamental for weight control. However, diet and exercise are not always enough to avoid weight gain and eliminate stubborn fat buildup in the belly. As a result, many people choose to get professional help to reduce fat.

Liposuction has always been a popular belly fat reduction option. It does, however, come with many drawbacks as it is a surgical, invasive option. However, for the men and women who want to reduce belly fat without painful needles, general anesthesia, and a long recovery time, there is finally a non-invasive answer.

CoolSculpting Stomach | How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive way to eliminate belly fat using Cryolipolysis. FDA cleared as safe and effective; this fat reduction method eliminates stubborn fat deposits in the lower abdomen with ease. CoolSculpting is a great option for those who are afraid of needles or do not wish to experience down time. This treatment uses a calibrated cooling technology to target and freezes subcutaneous fat cells below the skin’s surface. During the treatment, a special device is applied to lower abdomen. The device then cools the area and freezes the fat cells. Once those fat cells are frozen, they die and naturally process out of the body as waste via the lymphatic system. As a result, this technique can help make the abdomen area look slimmer and more toned. CoolSculpting provides a lasting fat reduction because once removed, the fat cells can never return. A series of three treatments is recommended, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals. After each session, patients may experience redness, numbness, and swelling. These symptoms go away on their own. There is no downtime, and patients can resume normal activities following their treatment.

CoolSculpting | Treat Multiple Areas at Once

Another great advantage of Coolsculpting is that it can treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously in a single treatment session. This DualSculpting method involves utilizing two machines at the same time. Dual applicators are placed on multiple targeted areas and deliver precise cooling to reduce fat cells at once. At most, four different areas of the body can be safely treated at the same time with Coolsculpting. However, this depends on how many Coolsculpting machines are available in the office during the appointment.

A popular Coolsculpting combination treatment is to target the tummy and chin at the same time. Treating multiple areas at once saves time and offers numerous benefits to using Coolsculpting for the double chin area. Opting for Coolsculpting to improve excess chin fat is a great method to avoid surgery, complications, scarring and downtime. As a result, this makes Coolsculpting highly appealing to those who want to improve their double chin without undergoing risky and costly surgery. Plus, a Coolsculpting treatment session can be customized to target specific areas of the chin and jawline, creating a more targeted and effective treatment plan.

Additionally, Coolsculpting has a high success rate and produces long-lasting results in the double chin area. Generally, patients notice a reduction in their double chin at four to five weeks after treatment. On average, CoolSculpting clinical studies found that 77%* of patients showed improved appearance of fatty tissue in the chin area. Additionally, 75%* of patients reported their chin looked more toned following treatment. Coolsculpting effectively reduces the amount of fat under your chin and slims and defines the chin and jawline. Overall, Coolsculpting multiple areas at once is a great way to save time and achieve superior results.

What Results Can I Expect with CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is a great non-surgical alternative to consider if you desire to sculpt your physique and destroy stubborn fat. Coolsculpting can provide long-lasting results that are noticeable within 1 to 3 months of your initial treatment session. On average, clinical studies found that cryolipolysis reduces subcutaneous fat at the treatment area by up to 25%* after one treatment. Additionally, 86% of patients noted “visible reductions” in fat from the flanks, back, and abdomen. Coolsculpting results and duration of results will vary based on numerous factors such as lifestyle, genetics, and potential weight gain. However, it is important to have realistic goals about what a fat reduction treatment can achieve.

Am I a Good CoolSculpting Stomach Candidate?

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting is not for every client. The best CoolSculpting stomach candidate is a healthy, active adult struggling with diet and exercise-resistant belly fat. Factors that determine candidacy include body size and shape, aesthetic goals, and desired treatment areas. The best way to determine if you are the ideal CoolSculpting candidate is to schedule a complimentary consultation with the New England Center for Body Sculpting. During your visit, an expert treatment specialist evaluates your body while listening to your aesthetic body goals. If they feel you are the right CoolSculpting candidate, they put together a treatment plan that achieves a lean, contoured waist.

CoolSculpting Stomach Near Me in Boston

If you want to CoolSculpting your stomach in Middleboro, MA, contact the New England Center for Body Sculpting. Stop continually struggling with stubborn belly fat. We provide patients living near greater Boston, Newport, Providence, or Cape Cod area with an easy, painless way to reduce belly fat and contour a sexy stomach. Call us at 508-947-2852 to schedule your complimentary consultation or reach out to us online to learn more.


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