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EMFace Before-And-After Pictures: Real Patient Results

EMFace before-and-after pictures show how this brand-new non-surgical face treatment lifts the face, reduces wrinkles, and tones facial muscles. They also demonstrate why this revolutionary technology is such a breakthrough service in the cosmetic industry. EMFace combines RF energy and HIFES technology to aid in reducing the noticeable signs of aging like wrinkles, creases, lines, loss of facial volume, sagging facial skin, and more without facelift surgery.

EMFace’s non-invasive face restoration technology provides an instant facelift without needles, filler, toxins, surgery, pain, or a lengthy recovery. If you’re starting to see the signs of time on your face when you look in the mirror and are considering a cosmetic procedure treatment that offers facial rejuvenation to help lift, tone, firm, and help you look years younger without any drawbacks, EMFace may be the right treatment for you.

Read on to see real patient results from EMFace treatments and learn more about the radio frequency technology behind this groundbreaking non-invasive facial procedure.

EMFace Benefits

  •  Non-invasive & non-surgical facelift device
  •  Takes years off your face
  •  Provides facial toning and skin tightening
  •  Convenient 20-minute treatment
  •  Needle-free, toxin-free, filler-free
  •  No downtime
  •  Treats full face including brows and foreheads, jawline, and neck/submentum
  •  Provides a natural look and feel
  •  Reduces wrinkles
  •  Lifts sagging loose skin on the face
  •  Improves facial volume
  •  Uses a combination of RF and HIFES energy

EMFace Before And After | Real Results From Real Patients.*

These BTL EMFace before-and-after images show the real results possible with this innovative technology. As with all cosmetic treatments, results will vary depending on your body and your provider.* If you want to receive a safe, non-surgical facelift and impressive BTL EMFace results, it is important to select a reputable, licensed provider like Dr. Julia Edelman, Medical Director of the New England Center for Body Sculpting.

EMFace Before And After Results*

EMFace is BTL’s brand-new, cosmetic procedure treatment capable of providing exceptional anti-aging results without needles, toxins, fillers, surgery, or downtime.

EMFace results are impressive. 92.8% of patients report volume improvements after their treatment(s).

Statistics reveal that on average, EMFace patients see:

  •  37% fewer wrinkles
  •  30% improvement in muscle tone
  •  23% more lift to the overall face, and
  •  26% increase in collagen/elastin.

Most patients report seeing results in only 4 sessions. Optimal EMFace results are seen in 6 to 12 weeks. As with any cosmetic treatment, results will vary by person. *

Why Choose The New England Center For Body Sculpting

You are in great hands when you select the New England Center for Body Sculpting for your BTL EMFace experience. Dr. Julia Edelman’s center provides safe, effective, high-quality aesthetic treatments with a focus on patient care and satisfaction. We are proud to be one of the first US providers of the new BTL EMFace treatment to help our patients reduce wrinkles and achieve more lift to the face.

Contact us today for an EMFace consultation and learn what is possible with BTL’s non-invasive facelift device. During your visit, we will discuss this new HIFES energy technology and how it can take years off your face without pain or downtime. If EMFace is suitable for you, we will curate a treatment plan capable of achieving impressive results at the most affordable rate in New England.

Get The Best EMFace Before-And-After Results In Boston, MA

The New England Center for Body Sculpting is the premier provider of BTL’s new EMFace treatment. If you want to experience instant facelift results without the drawbacks of surgery, toxins, or fillers, schedule a consultation today. We provide EMFace services to clients in greater Boston, Cape Cod, Providence, Newport, Southeastern Massachusetts from our comfortable office conveniently accessible via Route 495 near the rotary at 511 West Grove Street in Middleboro, MA. Call us at 508 947-2852 or reach out to us online or email us to learn more.



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