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Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Top Body Contouring Treatments

Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting compares the two leading, non-invasive body contouring treatments to demonstrate the advantages of each procedure. Read on to learn more about these advanced technologies to discover whether CoolSculpting or Emsculpt is the best choice for getting you the slim, sculpted appearance you are looking for.

Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting: Treatment Overview

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to freeze away stubborn bulges that resist diet and exercise. It is currently the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment with millions of procedures performed worldwide. Scientific studies have shown that CoolSculpting can reduce fat by 25% after a single treatment¹ and that results are long-lasting.² CoolSculpting works via a process known as cryolipolysis. During the fat freezing treatment, isolated deposits of fat are exposed to precisely calculated temperatures that freeze subcutaneous fat cells without harming the overlying skin or surrounding tissue. Once fat cells are frozen, they are damaged permanently and trigger the natural process of cell destruction and removal known as apoptosis. Over the course of several weeks, the immune system gathers the destroyed fat cells and excretes them from the body in the form of waste. Once fat cells are removed from the body, they cannot grow back, leading to long-term results.

Emsculpt, on the other hand, is unlike any other body contouring procedure, including CoolSculpting, in that Emsculpt targets two areas that significantly influence the shape and appearance of the abdomen and buttocks area: fat and muscle. Not only does Emsculpt melt away fat cells, but HIFEM energy also stimulates the underlying muscles to contract. These contractions are not the ordinary kind you can achieve naturally in a strength training workout at the gym. Referred to as Supramaximal contractions, the energy from the Emsculpt machine stimulates the muscles to a degree that cannot be duplicated manually. One session equals the equivalent of 20,000 thousand crunches (when treatment is performed on the abdomen) or 20,000 squats (if treatment is performed in the area of the buttocks.) Just like manual strength training, these contractions cause the muscle to grow and strengthen.

Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting: Different Technologies

CoolSculpting cooling sessions target fat cells below the skin’s surface using a scientifically proven process known as Cryolipolysis. As a result, treatments eliminate fat cells without injuring the skin or surrounding tissues. CoolSculpting exposes subcutaneous fat to a calibrated cooling, freezing a portion of the fat cells below the applicator. When these fat cells are exposed to the cold, it triggers apoptosis or cell death. Once removed from the body, the fats can never return.

Emsculpt uses HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) energy. Emsculpt treatments take less than 30 minutes to perform. Most treatment plans include 4 cycles, spaced 2-3 days apart. The treatment plan distinguishes Emsculpt from many other treatments that require their plans to be spaced months apart. With Emsculpt, you can complete a total treatment plan within 2 weeks, and see results in as little as two weeks after. Although most patients require 4 weeks to see their results, individual experiences may vary.*

Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures*

Impressive fat reduction results are seen in the CoolSculpting before and after images. While results will vary per person*, each CoolSculpting before and after shows real results from actual patients portraying impressive fat reduction in their treatment areas.

Emsculpt before and after images show the ultimate in body contouring technology by toning and sculpting the muscles of the stomach, buttocks, and legs. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary, however, the individuals show real Emsculpt results.

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Emculpt vs CoolSculpting: Does it Hurt?

It’s natural to feel concerned about possible discomfort from any treatment. Both Emsculpt and CoolSculpting treatments cause different sensations. But they should not cause pain.

Some patients report that CoolSculpting causes a bit more discomfort than Emsculpt. This is because of the very cold temperatures involved. This is true for both the initial treatment and subsequent recovery period. For many patients, the initial discomfort of treatment subsides once the skin becomes numb from the cold. After the procedure, some patients experience mild swelling, itchiness, and stinging. These sensations are temporary. They should subside within a week or two of treatment.

Emsculpt feels more like a deep vibration. Some patients say it causes a twitching or buzzing sensation in their muscles. These sensations occur because the treatment forces the muscles to contract rapidly. The feeling shouldn’t be painful, but it may feel like an intense workout. After treatment, it’s normal to feel some temporary soreness due to the rigorous muscle contractions. This soreness indicates that the treatment is working.

Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting | Which is Better?

When comparing Emsculpt vs CoolSculpting, it is important to remember that each treatment excels in different areas. While Emsculpt can disrupt adipocytes (fat cells) leading to a reduction in circumference, the golden standard for non-invasive fat reduction remains CoolSculpting. Furthermore, CoolSculpting can target bulges from a double chin down to fat pockets above the knees. Emsculpt treatment areas are limited to the abdomen and buttocks. But what Emsculpt lacks in versatility, it gains in revolutionary technology. CoolSculpting lacks the ability that Emsculpt possesses to reshape the physique by strengthening, toning, and building muscles.

Emsculpt and CoolSculpting | Combining Treatments for Optimal Results

Because Emsculpt and CoolSculpting each excel in their own important area of body contouring, many patients, who are looking for a complete transformation of their appearance, combine Emsculpt with CoolSculpting. Together, the two treatments can reduce belly fat and replace it with sculpted, chiseled abs.

Emsculpt and CoolSculpting in Middleboro, MA

The best way to determine if Emsculpt and/or CoolSculpting is right for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Julia Edelman of The New England Center for Body Sculpting, the premier provider of Emsculpt and CoolSculpting in Eastern MA. Conveniently located in Middleboro, the New England Center for Body Sculpting can help you customize a treatment plan incorporating the most advanced treatments in non-invasive body contouring to help you achieve a slim, sculpted, appearance you can feel confident about. Contact The New England Center for Body Sculpting online or by calling 508 947-2852 today to schedule your free consultation.

Emsculpt vs Coolsculpting FAQs*

Does CoolSculpting have drawbacks?

CoolSculpting is an excellent treatment for reducing unwanted fat. Though it has gained popularity for many benefits, like no downtime or surgery, it has drawbacks.

One of the main ones is that it may not produce excellent results for people with more significant amounts of fat. It’s not a weight loss solution. CoolSculpting is best for patients who are already close to their goal weight.

Does Emsculpt or CoolSculpting take longer?

CoolSculpting procedures last 35-60 minutes depending on the treatment areas. Most people get great results with two treatments, but some may need up to six treatments. We’ll space the treatments a month apart.

Emsculpt sessions are quicker, clocking in at around half an hour each. Despite the shorter session time, patients need to get at least four treatments, spaced two to three days apart for best results.

Should I use Emsculpt or CoolSculpting to improve my stomach?

Both Emsculpt and CoolSculpting can make your stomach look more attractive. Many of our patients start with CoolSculpting to reduce fat. Once they are happy with the fat-freezing results, they’ll use Emsculpt to tone up the area. But if you don’t have fat to lose and want to focus on muscle-toning, then Emsculpt may be ideal for you.

Am I the Right CoolSculpting Candidate?

CoolSculpting is not for everyone. The right candidate is a healthy adult struggling with bulges and stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. The best way to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you is to schedule a free CoolSculpt consultation with the New England Center for Body Sculpting. Technicians evaluate your body to determine if fat freezing suits your body and concerns.

Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

CoolSculpting results are long-lasting. Unlike regular weight loss programs that shrink fat cells, Cryolipolysis physically metabolizes fat cells and excretes them from the body as a form of waste. The cells can never grow back. They can never re-expand. Those fat cells are gone for good. Excessive weight gain will obscure your CoolSculpting results, so it is crucial to maintain a healthy weight after your treatment cycle is complete.

Are Emsculpt Results Permanent?

As with CoolSculpt, Emsculpt results are long-lasting. The damaged fat cells eliminated by the body after this procedure cannot return. They are gone forever and cannot re-form in the body. However, it is possible for your remaining fat cells to expand if you do not eat a healthy diet or follow a regular exercise regimen. Therefore, we always recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle after Emsculpt treatment. Doing so will help you maintain your results for the long term.



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