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Get the Best Body Sculpting Results Just in Time for Summer Using These Treatments

Summer is just around the corner. That means you’ll soon enjoy cocktails and sunshine at the beach or pool. There’s no better time to get in the best shape of your life so you’re confident in your skin this summer. Body contouring can improve your appearance and tighten your skin quickly. Body sculpting is an effective solution whether you want to reduce cellulite or subcutaneous fat. Many people turn to CoolSculpting Elite (also known as cryolipolysis) and similar procedures to get optimal body sculpting results without surgery.

Body contouring is an excellent solution for firming and toning the skin after weight loss. However, it’s common to struggle with saggy, loose skin after losing extra pounds. If you’re in this boat, don’t worry. There are multiple treatments that can help tighten up loose skin. Gentle CoolSculpting Elite, EMsculpt NEO, and other procedures can improve your skin laxity and texture. Best of all, they provide these benefits without a single scalpel incision!

How Body Sculpting Works

Body sculpting helps to reshape certain areas of the body. It can do this differently, depending on the specific procedure you receive. For example, CoolSculpting Elite freezes subcutaneous fat. EMsculpt NEO, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic and radiofrequency energy to reduce body fat. Other body sculpting procedures change the body’s shape with heat or multi-directional stimulation technology.

Different Types of Body Sculpting Procedures

Before you choose a specific body sculpting method, it’s wise to become familiar with your options. That way, you can select a treatment that offers the desired body sculpting results. Some of the most popular options include CoolSculpting Elite, EMsculpt NEO, truSculpt iD, and truSculpt Flex. Here’s what to know about each of these body sculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is an innovative body contouring treatment with no downtime or surgery. As the name suggests, CoolSculpting uses rigid temperatures to freeze subcutaneous fat cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body slowly destroys them and removes them. This popular treatment is often chosen as an alternative to liposuction. This is because it can help reduce stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest form of CoolSculpting technology. It offers all the same benefits with the addition of dual applicators. These make it possible to treat two areas at once. Treating multiple areas simultaneously is a huge advancement in body contouring technology. Now, you can reduce the total number of treatments you need to get the body sculpting results you want. Cryolipolysis has an impressive patient satisfaction rate of 73%¹. This is higher than other noninvasive body contouring treatments.

EMsculpt NEO

EMsculpt is an FDA-cleared body contouring treatment. It is the first body sculpting solution to stimulate muscle while reducing fat. It stimulates muscle fibers with high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. Treatments are quick, painless, and effective for many different body types.

One study shows promising results in patients who received four 30-minute HIFEM treatments. The patients reported an 85% improvement in the appearance of the treated area after the four treatments². Certain body sculpting procedures are recommended for people who are already thin but have stubborn areas of fat. However, EMsculpt NEO is recommended for people with a BMI up to 35. The noninvasive treatments only take about 30 minutes each and require no downtime.

truSculpt iD

truSculpt iD body contouring is yet another non-surgical body sculpting option. It uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to reduce subcutaneous fat cells. It’s often used to sculpt the thighs, abdomen, and love handles. High levels of targeted heat damage fat cells until they can no longer survive. The body’s lymphatic system eventually flushes the destroyed fat cells out. This process typically takes around 12 weeks. truSculpt iD can also tighten the skin and temporarily improve cellulite’s appearance. Like EMsculpt NEO, truSculpt iD can be used to contour the bodies of patients with a BMI over 30.

truSculpt Flex

truSculpt Flex sculpts the body by targeting the muscles. It uses multi-directional stimulation technology to engage the muscles in a way that exercise alone can’t do. By sending electrical pulses to the muscles, it causes them to contract. This helps to strengthen and tone the muscles and deliver a more desirable body shape. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes and is pain-free.

Can Body Sculpting Help Me Look Good in a Bathing Suit?

Many people love their body sculpting results. CoolSculpting Elite and EMsculpt NEO treatments can transform your appearance if you’re not happy with how you look in a bathing suit. In a study, 518 patients who received CoolSculpting experienced a fat layer reduction of 23% after three months³. Whether you want to reduce stubborn fat in your stomach, thighs, or back, body sculpting can get you ready for bathing suit season.

How Long Do Body Sculpting Results Last?

CoolSculpting results are long-lasting. This is because the body removes the dead fat cells, so they are no longer part of the body. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you maximize your body-sculpting results. Healthy lifestyle habits are essential no matter what type of body sculpting procedure you receive.

How Many Treatments Do I Need for the Best Results?

We typically recommend a series of four treatments to obtain optimal body sculpting results. However, you may need more or fewer treatments. We’ll recommend the right number of treatments based on your current physical condition and body-shaping goals.

Get a Sculpted Body in Time for Summer

Discover how easy it can be to get your body ready for summer with body sculpting. The New England Center of Body Sculpting is conveniently located near the 495 Rotary in Middleboro, MA. We offer both CoolSculpting Elite and EMsculpt NEO treatments. Call us at (508) 947-2852 to schedule an appointment with Medical Director Dr. Julia Edelman, MD, FACOG, NCMP. We can help you get the body sculpting results you want in time for summer.


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