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EMSzero vs EMSculpt: Don’t Fall for Counterfeit Body Contouring

EMSzero vs EMSculpt: When it comes to body contouring, it can be easy to fall for counterfeit or knockoff treatments if you’re shopping for the price. However, there is a reason that this type of body contouring is cheaper: the side effects and risks can heavily outweigh the lower price point. This article will discuss popular, well-designed, and well-engineered EMSculpt NEO body contouring that even celebs love, and why you should only ever trust body contouring with a professional and not someone using a knockoff EMSzero machine.

Why You Should Avoid Counterfeit Body Contouring

When it comes to taking the cheaper route, there are many money-saving options for clothing, food brands, shoes, etc. However, you do not want to mess around with a knockoff machine when it comes to body contouring technology. The cheaper versions can cause serious consequences that could potentially cost you more in the long run due to complications.

There is a reason why there are so many lawsuits surrounding counterfeit EMSculpt machines. The counterfeit or knockoff technology does not have the integrity and research put into the original equipment. In addition, fake products do not have the added safety of being offered and used by trained professionals looking to help people lose weight, reduce stubborn diets, and exercise-resistant fat cells safely and effectively.

Why You Should Avoid Counterfeit EMSculpt Treatments

Quick Overview

  • EMSzero is available for anyone to purchase without training or knowledge of the machine
  • EMSzero does not have safety mechanisms like EMSculpt technology
  • EMSlim and EMSlim Mini do not have the same muscle-building power that EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO have
  • EMSzero is dangerous and comes with no instructions or rules
  • Knockoff EMSculpt machines can cause severe damage to the skin

Here are the more in-depth reasons why you should be very cautious when selecting knockoff body contouring treatments:

Counterfeit EMSzero Machines Available Without Training

The reality is that several people are willing to buy counterfeit technology like EMSzero and pass it off as professional at-home body contouring. Thanks to this, one of the biggest concerns when selecting knockoff EMSculpt treatments like EMSzero is that the person administering it has no medical or safety training or knowledge of the equipment. There are no set rules or instruction manuals. When you select a counterfeit treatment, the person is basically “attempting” to sculpt the body without knowing if it’s being done correctly or if the technology is safe.

Not only are you at risk of not achieving your desired results, you are trying a treatment that is dangerous to your health. The FDA receives reports from the abundance of fake sculpting machines, noting:

  • Shocks
  • Burns
  • Bruising
  • Skin irritation
  • Pain

A true EMSculpt machine is designed, tested, and FDA- approved not to cause these worrisome painful side effects. But when you use a knockoff version, you run the risk of hurting yourself while trying to transform your physique.

EMSlim Does Not Have Enough Power

Aside from EMSzero, there are other counterfeit machines like EMSLIM and the EMSLIM Mini. Both of these knockoff versions are available for purchase on the internet. They are not trustworthy, and 9 times out of 10, they do not work. At that point, you’re investing in a product that will not build muscle or reduce fat cells like EMSculpt.


EMSzero Equipment Doesn’t Match EMSculpt

EMSzero may be cheaper than EMSculpt, but that is because anyone in the world can purchase this equipment without any prerequisites or training. This also means the machine does not come with custom attachments for sculpting different body areas. In contrast, EMSculpt NEO machines are professional pieces of equipment sold exclusively to medical professionals from the maker of EMSculpt, BTL Aesthetics. There are strict regulations on who can purchase an EMSculpt machine. So, this means if you select a provider with an authentic EMSculpt machine, you are in expert hands.

This provider also has professional equipment and different EMSculpt applicators for treating specific body areas. EMSculpt was first FDA-approved as a body contouring treatment for the abdomen. Since then, the technology has expanded, and new applicators have been engineered to make it possible to treat other areas, including arms (both biceps and triceps), thighs, calves, buttocks, and now the flanks or love handles with the new EMSculpt NEO Edge applicator.

When a novice purchases the EMSzero equipment, they get one standard applicator that is not expertly designed to treat specific areas on the body. Using an applicator designed for the abdomen is not safe for use on the arms or thighs or flanks/love handles. This is concerning: the knockoff EMSculpt treatments do not match the expertise and professionalism of the EMSculpt machines.


Learn How to Avoid Body Contouring Scams

So, now you may be wondering how to avoid body contouring scams. It is very easy, and we will tell you exactly how you can avoid falling victim to counterfeit Emscult treatments.

#1 Identify the Machine

EMSzero and EMSLIM are available to purchase online to anyone with the cash to spare. When it comes to an authentic EMSculpt or EMSculpt NEO machine, you can identify it easily by looking at the machine.

Most people can identify a counterfeit device through the available settings, paddle applicator construction, and even the logo’s color on the machine itself.


#2 Watch for Low Prices

In most cases, lower prices are an excellent thing. However, when it comes to EMSculpt treatments, if the prices are very low and seem too good to be true, they likely are.

#3 Pay Attention to Who is Selling the Body Contouring Treatments

The only true way to safeguard against counterfeit EMSculpt equipment is to only receive treatments from a licensed provider at a medical office or medical spa. If you live in or around Boston and the surrounding areas of Middleboro, MA, visit The New England Center for Body Sculpting and work with trained professionals. Working with professionals when it comes to body contouring is crucial! Professional providers are able to listen to your aesthetic body goals and design a body contouring plan that perfectly suits you. And the best added bonus? You know their machine is legitimate.

EMSculpt is the Real Deal When It Comes to Body Contouring

Knockoff body contouring and counterfeit EMSculpt machines are harmful in many ways. They create an illusion that cheaper alternatives are a good thing and not a hazard to your health and a poor industry representative.

EMSculpt is the real deal regarding body contouring and the only machine you should trust when considering EMSzero vs. EMSculpt. EMSculpt uses patented high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) as well as radiofrequency energy. This innovative combination of two types of energy causes intense muscle contractions so powerful they cannot be replicated with manual exercise. The contractions from HIFEM are known as supramaximal contractions and are considered “superhuman.” Depending upon the body area you are sculpting with EMSculpt, you may also get skin tightening and fat loss from the radiofrequency energy applied simultaneously as the HIFEM.

EMSculpt and EMSculpt NEO both build muscle. EMSculpt NEO has additional Radiofrequency (RF) energy that reduces fat cells across five areas of the body, including:

  • Abdomen: Slim the waistline and strengthen the core
  • Buttocks: Lift the backside and sculpt for better definition
  • Arms: Tone the upper arms to eliminate flabby “bat wings”
  • Thighs: Tone inner and outer thighs
  • Calves: Add definition and improve the size of calves
  • Flanks/ Love handles: add definition and reduce fullness

Thanks to the addition of radiofrequency energy, EMSculpt NEO treatments are considered more advanced than traditional EMSculpt. The NEO version adds the transformative power of RF, meaning it can melt and reduce stubborn pockets of fat permanently eliminating them from the body.

Experience Professional EMSculpt Near Me in Southeastern Massachusetts

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