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Cool Sculpting | Body Contouring for a Sculpted Figured

Cool Sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that uses “Cryoliposis” to freeze away stubborn areas on the body that hold on to stubborn fat cells. This body contouring treatment will help sculpt a more slim, firm figure with the aid of advanced cooling technique. The results achieved with Cool Sculpting are natural-looking and can last indefinitely.

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How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by eliminating fat cells. When the cooling technology penetrates the skin through the applicator, it targets the fat cells under the skin’s surface and freezes them. Freezing fat cells damages the cell’s membrane, killing the cell altogether. Once the fat cells are dead, they exit as waste from the body.

Is CoolSculpting a Weight Loss Treatment?

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment, not necessarily a weight loss treatment. Although both fat reduction and weight loss can produce similar results, the two procedures are different.

The number of fat cells within your body is a fixed number. Once you reach adulthood, your body does not create or get rid of fat cells. When you gain weight, your existing fat cells will expand. If you lose weight, the opposite will occur, and the fat cells will shrink.

With most weight loss treatments, fat cells will shrink. However, with the fat reduction treatment, you get from Cool Sculpting, the fat cells are targeted and eliminated. Once the fat cells are damaged, they will process out of the body as waste and can never regrow.

Cool Sculpting Before and Afters*

Cool Sculpting before and after pictures show the physical transformations that are possible with this fat freezing technology. Results may vary*, but each patient who has had the body contouring treatments demonstrate a significantly more slim, firm figure.

CoolSculpting before and after

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CoolSculpting Benefits:

  • Non-invasive cosmetic procedure
  • Safe alternative to liposuction
  • Define and sculpt attractive curves
  • Natural-looking results that last long
  • Requires little to no downtime
  • Virtually painless
  • Safely reduce stubborn fat
  • Target the most stubborn areas on the body

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What Areas Can Cool Sculpting Treat?

Cool Sculpting is FDA cleared to treat specific areas on the body that are notorious for storing stubborn fat cells. The following areas are treatable with Cool Sculpting:

  • Flanks or love handles
  • Belly fat
  • Backfat
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Armpit fat
  • Double chin and neck fat
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Fat above the knees
  • Upper arm fat
  • Chest area

Are CoolSculpting Results Permanent?

Cool Sculpting results are long-lasting. Each treatment targets and eliminates the fat cell through the process of “Cryolipolysis.” Once the cells are damaged, they process out of the body as waste and cannot grow back. It is, however, essential to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain the Cool Sculpting results. Although the fat cell is gone, weight gain can obscure your results. By eating healthy and exercising, you will be able to maintain a slim, sculpted body.

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