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CoolSculpting Before, During, and After Images – Real Patient Results

Freezing away your fat is the most popular way to reduce stubborn bulges without surgery or lengthy downtime. The CoolSculpting treatment is now better than ever with the new Treat to Complete Protocol. This treatment protocol typically requires two separate sessions. The first session of treatments debulks areas with unwanted bulges. The second session of treatments sculpts and defines the area. This treatment protocol renders amazing results, as seen in CoolSculpting before, during, and after pictures.

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Please continue reading to learn more about the two-session fat reduction treatment and see the results for yourself with pictures depicting patients before their CoolSculpting treatment, during their CoolSculpting transformation, and after their CoolSculpting treatment.

CoolSculpting Before, During, and After*

As with any cosmetic procedure, individual results may vary.* However, the Treat to Complete Protocol focuses your personalized treatment plans around one thing: results. This is evident in the photographs that chronicle the patient’s journey, displaying progressive fat reduction during and after their fat reduction treatment.

Treat to Complete Looks Similar to Natural Fat Reduction

Unlike Liposuction, which surgically removes fat during a single procedure, CoolSculpting results gradually appear. Moreover, CoolSculpting utilizes the natural process of Cryolipolysis to dispose of the destroyed fat cells.

After exposing a bulge to precisely controlled cooling, underlying fat cells freeze, and rupture. These cells are destroyed and can no longer be used by the body. To get rid of this metabolic waste, the lymphatic system collects the ruptured fat cells then excretes them from the body in the form of waste.

This natural process occurs over the span of several weeks. Results are not sudden. They appear gradually, similar to the progressive transformation achieved through months of diet and exercise.

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With CoolSculpting, no one will know you have undergone a fat reduction treatment.

The Treat to Complete Protocol

The New Treat to Complete Protocol

The Treat to Complete Protocol starts with a FREE consultation and a comprehensive assessment from the body sculpting experts at the New England Center for Body Sculpting. During this consultation, we discuss your most troubling area of stubborn fat. If you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting, we will customize a personalized treatment plan that focuses on one thing: reducing fat in the area you struggle with most.

Your personalized treatment plan typically consists of two sessions. Most sessions are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. You will get a specified number of treatments to your most troublesome area during each session. Each treatment consists of one cooling cycle using one CoolSculpting applicator.

The Treat to Complete Protocol is shown to debulk and sculpt. The first CoolSculpting session helps reduce fat from the treatment area. The second CoolSculpting session helps shape that area for attractive contours. Together, the two sessions transform the treatment area to look slim and sculpted.

Clinically Proven to Deliver Results

A clinical study measured the efficacy of the Treat to Complete Protocol. The study surveyed patient satisfaction and found:

  • 86% of patients reported a “noticeable” or “very noticeable” fat reduction in the treated areas.
  • 97.2% of patients reported their clothes fit better over the treated areas.
  • Nine out of ten patients reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their CoolSculpting treatment.
  • 82% of patients said they would recommend CoolSculpting to a friend.

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