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CoolSculpting treatment areas

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting is FDA approved to treat problem zones like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, upper arms, armpits, neck, chin, and more. This fat freezing treatment utilizes Cryolipolysis to sculpt firm, attractive curves, and eliminate stubborn fat bulges. To learn about each CoolSculpting treatment area, read on.

CoolSculpting Belly

The abdomen is a notorious problem area for most men and women. That is because this area tends to store fat deposits that are diet and exercise-resistant. No matter how much you work out or diet, you will not be able to get rid of those fat cells. CoolSculpting allows you the ability to eliminate them using fat freezing. Treatments on the belly require one large applicator or two smalls, depending on your shape and size. For significant fat reduction, you will need to have more than one treatment.

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Belly fat is something both men and women continually struggle with. Even those individuals who regularly diet and exercise can still struggle with fat deposits in the stomach. Treating belly fat with CoolSculpting requires the use of one large applicator or two small applicators. The applicators used during the treatment will depend on your body shape and size and your specific goals. To see an optimal fat reduction in the stomach area, you should have this area treated more than once.

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CoolSculpting Love Handles

Love handles, or flanks, are an area people also struggle with holding stubborn fat cells. The best way to achieve lean, sculpted curves is to CoolSculpt your love handles. Flank treatments require one small applicator on each side. Since some CoolSculpting providers only have one machine, you will have to have one side done at a time. If you CoolSculpt with New England Center for Body Sculpting, you could cut your treatment time in half by utilizing our multiple CoolSculpting devices. We can treat both of your love handles at once during the same treatment.

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CoolSculpting Thighs

The newest line of CoolSculpting applicators was made to treat the inner and outer thigh areas. The CoolFit applicator features a longer cooling plate perfect for vertical fat found in the inner thighs. The CoolSmooth applicator is different from others because it does not require suction. This makes it perfect for smoothly gliding over the outer thigh area, reducing the fat cells that tend to gather there.

CoolSculpting Upper Arms

The upper arms are the newest CoolSculpting treatment area. It is now FDA approved to freeze away the upper arm fat with the CoolPetite applicator. We can now help our clients reduce embarrassing jiggly arms.

CoolSculpting Chin and Neck Fat

Double chins and turkey necks are common issues among middle-aged men and women. If you suffer from these stubborn fat bulges, you can freeze away the fat with the CoolMini applicator. This applicator is made specifically for small areas like the chin, neck, and even the armpit area. Yes, you can also freeze away that stubborn armpit fat.

CoolSculpting Near Me

If you live in the Middleboro, MA area and want to learn more about the many CoolSculpting treatment areas, contact the New England Center for Body Sculpting at 508 947-2852. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with our treatment specialist to learn more about CoolSculpting and how it can help you get the body of your dreams.



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