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Emsculpt NEO for Arms | Contour + Strengthen Sexy Arms

Emsculpt NEO is the newest body contouring treatment capable of shedding stubborn fat while simultaneously building strong, toned muscles. This new treatment is now FDA cleared to treat the arms and the legs.

Why Is Upper Arm Fat So Stubborn?

The upper arms are a notorious problem area for both men and women, mainly women. This type of fat deposit is challenging to eliminate because they are influenced by genetics, age, and hormonal changes. In addition, upper arm fat tends to resist all diet and exercise efforts, making it extremely hard to eliminate on your own.

It is also nearly impossible to tone away fat in the upper arms. Building arm muscles with exercise provide a strong, toned appearance. However, the muscles can be obscured by extra fat buildup, and manual muscle building does not specifically eliminate fat in the target area. Arm fat exercises or the idea that you can “spot reduce” fat is a myth. Therefore, there is ultimately no way to burn away upper arm fat and tone strong biceps quickly or easily.

Now, with Emsculpt NEO for arms, people struggling with embarrassing upper arms have a simple, safe solution. Emsculpt NEO targets both fat and muscle. So, while this treatment works to burn away resistant fat in the upper arms, it also builds strong, sexy muscles.

What is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is the newest revolutionary body shaping treatment. It utilizes dual energies, electromagnetic and Radio Frequency, to burn away fat and build strong muscle.

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Reducing Upper Arm Fat with Emsculpt NEO

During Emsculpt NEO treatment, the RF energy heats underlying muscles and fat cells. This thermal action effectively eliminates fat cells located above the target muscle group. Heating also warms up the muscles, preparing the tissue for intense work via electromagnetic energy.

The damaged fat cells are naturally gathered and disposed of as waste through the lymphatic system. Once removed, the fat cells can never regrow or return. Results are natural-looking and long-term.

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EMSCULPT NEO Arm Treatment Before and After Results*

EMSCULPT NEO before and after arm treatment pictures show the comprehensive effects of this fat reduction treatment. As with any body shaping treatment, results may vary.* For the best outcome possible, patients should always choose a reputable and experienced Emsculpt NEO provider to perform this technique sensitive procedure.

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Can Emsculpt Target Other Body Areas?

When Emsculpt NEO was first released, it didn’t take long for its popularity to increase. Now BTL, the machine’s manufacturers, are continuing to improve their body contouring technology. The FDA first cleared Emsculpt NEO to reduce fat and build muscle in the abdominal area. Now, this new popular treatment can target the thighs and arms.

Find Emsculpt Neo Arm Treatments

If you want to reduce stubborn fat and tone sexy, muscular arms with Emsculpt NEO, schedule a FREE consultation with the New England Center for Body Sculpting. Located in Middleboro, the New England Center for Body Sculpting is a premier provider of Emsculpt NEO for thighs and arms for residents living near greater Boston, Newport, Providence, or Cape Cod. Schedule your consultation by contacting the center online or calling them at 508 947-2852.


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