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Emsculpt NEO for Thighs | Slim + Strengthen Your Legs

Emsculpt NEO, the revolutionary body contouring treatment that burns fat and builds muscle, is now FDA cleared for the arms and legs.

The New England Center of Body Sculpting is one of the few providers to offer the new leg treatment in Massachusetts. Learn more about Emsculpt Neo and how it can reduce thigh fat and strengthen muscle for tight, toned thighs and incredible-looking legs.

Why Thighs are such Problem Areas

If you’re a woman and feel insecure about your thighs, you are not alone. The upper legs are notorious problem areas for many females.

The thighs contain hormone-influenced deposits of fat. Known as “sex-specific fat,” estrogen sends more fat cells to the area around the thighs and buttocks. Scientists believe this reserve of fat supplies women with extra energy during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

You can’t tone the fat away. Building up your leg muscles is critical for a strong, toned appearance. But manual muscle building will not eliminate thigh fat. Thigh fat exercises, and all “spot reduction exercises” are a myth, so you can’t just squat or lunge thigh fat away.

Therefore, getting rid of bulges that refuse to budge may require professional fat reduction treatments that eliminate stubborn fat cells, such as thigh fat.

CoolSculpting thighs is a popular non-surgical option for getting rid of stubborn thigh fat. However, Emsculpt NEO is better. CoolSculpting only targets fat. Emsculpt NEO targets the two parts of our body composition that determine the overall appearance of our legs: fat and muscle.

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What is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is a revolutionary body shaping treatment that utilizes dual energies, electromagnetic and Radio Frequency (RF)  to target both fat and muscle.

Reducing Thigh Fat with Emsculpt NEO

During an Emsculpt NEO treatment, RF energy heats underlying muscles and fat cells. The thermal action destroys fat cells located above the targeted muscle group. Heating also warms up the targeted muscles, preparing the tissue for an intense workout from the electromagnetic energy.

The damaged fat cells are gradually gathered up by the lymphatic system and processed out of the body as waste. Once eliminated from the body, those fat cells cannot grow back. They are done for good. This leads to long-lasting results.

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Toning Thighs with Emsculpt

With the growing popularity of Emsculpt NEO, BTL, the machine’s manufacturers continue to improve their body contouring technology. First cleared by the FDA to reduce fat and build muscle on the abdomen, Emsculpt NEO can now treat the thighs. However, only a select group of providers offer the new thigh treatment that focuses on reducing thigh fat and toning the muscles on the upper leg.

In addition to treating the inner and outer thighs, Emsculpt Neo can also strengthen the calves.

Thigh Treatments with Emsculpt NEO

If you want to tone your thighs with Emsculpt NEO, take the first step by scheduling a FREE consultation with the New England Center of Body Sculpting. Conveniently located in Middleboro, the New England Center for Body Sculpting is a premier provider of Emsculpt NEO for residents living near greater Boston, Newport, Providence, or Cape Cod. Book your consultation by contacting the center online or calling 508 947-2852 today.


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