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Emsculpt NEO Results: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Body Sculpting

Body sculpting with Emsculpt NEO is the fastest and easiest way to reduce stubborn fat and sculpt a more defined, muscular, and attractive physique. This treatment is known for its phenomenal results, including, on average, an increase in muscle by 25% and a decrease in fat by 30%, making Emsculpt NEO immensely popular amongst celebrities as well. While the results are impressive on their own, there are ways you can optimize your body sculpting experience.

1. Commit to a Full Treatment Plan

Committing to a complete Emsculpt NEO body sculpting plan ensures you achieve optimal muscle increase and fat reduction. Best of all, a treatment plan is an excellent way to save money on your body sculpting experience.

The typical treatment plan recommended for Emsculpt NEO is 4-6 sessions spaced 5 to 10 days apart. Clinical studies show that Emsculpt NEO results are dramatic and change the physique incredibly by eliminating fat and increasing muscle mass. Most patients see their Emsculpt NEO results within 3 months of the treatment plan’s completion. As with any body sculpting treatment, individual experiences may vary.*

2. Consider Multiple Treatment Areas

Why choose only to reduce fat in the belly and strengthen the core muscles when you could achieve a complete physical overhaul by committing to multiple treatment areas? Most patients notice they benefit most by electing to undergo core and flank treatments, buttocks treatments, and thigh treatments to transform their lower body entirely. Others interested in focusing on their upper body invest in Emsculpt NEO arm treatments that help build, strengthen, and define the biceps and triceps, unlike any manual gym exercise. In addition, they commit to an abdominal treatment to transform the upper body.

When you schedule a consultation with the New England Center of Body Sculpting, you can speak with a technician about your body goals. They evaluate your physique and help determine what treatment areas will work best for helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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3. Adopt a Regular Strength Training Routine

If you don’t use it, you lose it. The same is true for your muscles after your Emsculpt NEO treatments. While the powerful HIFEM energy builds, tones, and strengthens the muscles, you must continue to work those muscles on your own at home to continue reaping the benefits of a chiseled physique.

You can do this by committing to a strength training routine at home, investing in a gym membership, or seeking help from a physical trainer to continue working those muscles on your own time. This guarantees your muscles stay strong, your physique stays defined, and you enjoy your Emsculpt NEO muscle-building results longer with ease.

Discover Emsculpt NEO Results for Yourself

Contact the New England Center of Body Sculpting to discover more about Emsculpt NEO and experience the results. We are the leading provider of body sculpting treatments that yield phenomenal results in Middleboro, MA. We also serve the surrounding areas of Greater Boston, Greater Providence, South Shore or Southeast, MA, and Cape Cod. Call 508-947-2852 to schedule your consultation now and begin your body sculpting journey, where you will experience how Emsculpt NEO builds muscle and burns fat.


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