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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat: Emsculpt Sheds Fat & Shreds Muscle

Many Americans search the internet for how to get rid of belly fat: a notorious problem area known for resisting diet and exercise. Liposuction is always an option for getting rid of belly fat, but many individuals are repelled by invasive procedures that require lengthy recovery times. Emsculpt is a great, non-surgical alternative. It is the only FDA cleared body contouring procedure to burn fat and sculpts muscle, non-invasively.  By targeting the two major components that constitute body composition, namely fat and muscle, Emsculpt provides the most comprehensive solution for reducing belly fat and sculpting a slim, defined, stomach without surgery or downtime.

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What Causes Belly Fat?

To better understand how to get rid of belly fat, it is useful to know what contributes to an expanding waistline. While lifestyle choices can add to abdominal fat, belly fat is notorious for resisting diet and exercise. And even healthy individuals can struggle with belly bulges that refuse to budge. This is because stomach fat has numerous causes beyond a person’s control. Some of these biological contributors include:­­­

GENETICS: Genetics influence how much fat our body stores and where it stores that fat. People with “pear-shaped” body types tend to have a more slender waistline and larger hips. “Apple-shaped” body types are more likely to gain and store weight in the midsection.

GENDER: Men are more likely to store fat around the midsection than women are.

HORMONES: One of the reasons men are more likely to carry around belly fat is due to hormones. Estrogen, one of the prevalent sex hormones in women, causes the body to store more fat around the hips and thigh areas.

AGE: As we get older, a number of biological changes make it easier to gain, and harder to lose, weight. Besides slowing metabolisms, decreased hormone levels play a role. Testosterone is thought to inhibit the expansion of fat cells.  Therefore, men tend to gain more weight as they get older and their testosterone levels drop. In the same manner, as women get older, their estrogen levels begin to drop and more weight is sent to be stored in the belly area.

Can Emsculpt Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Emsculpt is a great solution for reducing belly fat. The non-invasive body contouring procedure utilizes highly focused electric magnetic energy to stimulate supramaximal contractions in the targeted muscle group. One, 30-minute treatment with these super powerful contractions provides the equivalent of 20,000 crunches. Not only does this build, strengthen, and tone the abdominals, the intense contractions increase the body’s metabolic rate, burning surrounding fat cells for energy. The results are a significant reduction in belly fat and a sculpted, defined abdomen.

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