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The Top 4 Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Jowls

Newsflash: Jowls are a part of the aging process. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic and loses its firmness. For some of us, having severe or very noticeable jowls leads to insecurity, anxiety, and lowered self-confidence.

Thankfully, many available solutions improve the appearance of sagging jowls, from less invasive solutions like facial exercises and chemical peels to more invasive treatments such as dermal fillers and face lifts.

Yet sometimes, these anti-aging methods and risky surgical procedures are either ineffective or way too risky and costly. Fortunately, non-surgical jowl treatments are gaining popularity due to their convenience, little to no downtime, and dramatic results.

Are you ready to eliminate your jowls and improve your overall appearance? Keep reading to learn all about 4 of the best non-surgical jowl treatments to help you decide which method is best for you.

What Are Jowls?

The term “jowls” describes sagging skin below your chin or jawline. To picture this, imagine the skin around the cheeks and mouth sagging or drooping down to the area around the chin and jawline. This is essentially what jowls or jowling look like.

Almost everyone develops at least minor jowls as they age thanks to gravity and the unavoidable process of aging.

What Causes Jowls to Form?

Jowls form when the skin and muscles in the lower part of the face begin to sag or lose their firmness. This happens due to a combination of factors such as age, lifestyle choices, and facial habits.

As we grow older, our skin naturally loses elasticity, which leads to sagging in various areas, including the jowls. Genetics play a role in determining how our skin ages, with some individuals being more predisposed to developing jowls than others.

Lifestyle choices like smoking, sun exposure, and poor diet accelerate the formation of jowls. These factors contribute to the gradual breakdown of collagen and elastin, which are proteins responsible for keeping the skin firm. The loss of collagen and elastin causes the skin to sag, leading to the formation of jowls.

Will Working Out and Eating Right Get Rid of Jowls?

While exercise and a balanced diet contribute to overall well-being and help maintain a healthy weight, they cannot specifically target jowls. This is because jowls are not solely caused by excess body fat or lack of muscle tone. Instead, they are primarily a result of skin laxity and a part of the natural aging process, related to the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. These structural proteins help maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin, but as we age, their production slows down. Consequently, the skin starts to sag, leading to the formation of jowls.

Jowls cannot be directly improved with exercise or diet. Nor will taking collagen supplements improve the appearance of jowls. Instead, addressing jowls may require specialized interventions such as the cosmetic procedures, and skin tightening and lifting treatments discussed below.

Ultherapy to Treat Jowls

Ultherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure for tightening and lifting skin on the face, neck, and chest. It is commonly used to improve sagging jowls. This treatment uses ultrasound technology perfect for stimulating collagen production in the skin, helping to tighten and lift sagging areas.

During an ultherapy session, a specially trained technician uses a handheld device that delivers controlled ultrasound energy deep into the skin layers. As the ultrasound waves penetrate the skin, they heat the targeted tissues. This heating effect triggers a natural response in the body and stimulates the production of new collagen. Collagen is a protein found naturally in our bodies that helps give skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. As a result, ultherapy improves the texture and firmness of the jowl area.

While ultherapy does not involve incisions or anesthesia, it is uncomfortable for some patients. This is a result of the deep tissue heating. Ultherapy is reported be more painful than RF microneedling.

Results from ultherapy are not immediate. Over time, the newly formed collagen begins to strengthen and tighten the skin, helping to lift the jowls—the boost in collagen production results in a more defined jawline and a rejuvenated appearance. As the body produces more collagen, the results of ultherapy become more noticeable, with jowls appearing firmer and less saggy. Most patients’ outcomes become visible between 3 and 6 months. It is common for patients to notice a change 2 to 3 months post-treatment if enough collagen has been produced.

 Kybella to Treat Jowls

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure that uses liquid injections to melt fat cells in the chin and define the jawline. It is made of a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is naturally found in our bodies. This acid is injected into the fatty tissue in the chin and jawline area and dissolves fat cells as a result. Over time, the body naturally removes the fat cells destroyed by Kybella. As a result, it helps tighten the skin and improve the appearance of fullness.

Kybella is an invasive procedure that involves multiple injections. If you are afraid of needles, Kybella may not be for you. There is some discomfort immediately following injections that most people compare to a wasp sting or burning sensation. The stinging may last up to 20 minutes long. A series of four to six treatments is recommended, spaced one month apart. On average, patients notice a reduction in the fullness of their double chin after two sessions and greater results after four to six sessions.

After each session, you will experience redness and swelling and need a few days to recover. A major risk with Kybella is the possibility of significant swelling, bruising, and pain at the injection site. There is also a risk of nerve damage in the area, which causes temporary weakness or numbness. Another risk with Kybella is the treatment may result in uneven or lumpy fat reduction if not done correctly.

EMFace for Jowls

EMFace is a non-invasive skincare treatment that has been referred to as a 3D facelift. EMFace treatments improve sagging jowls and contouring for an attractive jawline. It is known as the only needle-free, toxin-free, and surgery-free way to enhance the appearance of jowls. EMFace utilizes innovative technology to stimulate specific deep facial muscles that lift and support the face, resulting in firmer and uplifted jowls.

This FDA-cleared treatment is completely non-surgical and has no recovery time or surgical side effects*. Unlike a traditional facelift involving surgery, incisions, the removal of skin tissue and anesthesia, EMFace is a safe and quick 20-minute procedure. Patients looking for a painless, needle-free, and filler-free alternative opt for EMFace treatments to tighten their jowls and rejuvenate their appearance.

The device uses a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES technology to remodel and smooth sagging skin while increasing collagen production. The EMFace device emits gentle RF energy pulses into the skin. This heats the facial tissue and boosts collagen as well as smoothing and tightening the skin. At the same time, electrostimulation pulses penetrate underlying facial muscles that lift and support the face, and cause them to contract and relax. These muscle contractions strengthen and tone the muscles in the jaw area. As a result, EMFace gradually lifts and reduces the sagging appearance of jowls.

Many individuals have experienced the benefits of EMFace and report visible improvements in the firmness and contour of their jowls. The typical treatment plan consists of four 20-minute treatments scheduled 5-10 days apart. Your treatment plan is customized for you based on your skin and aesthetic goals.

On average, EMFace clinical studies showed an increase in lift by 23%. EMFace results typically last for a year. This timeframe is an estimate and will be different for everyone depending on your skin. A year after you complete your first EMFace treatment plan, maintenance treatments may be recommended.

EMFace real before and after result image with Dr. Julia Edelman in Middleboro, MADr. Julia Edelman's EMFace actual before and after results image in Middleboro, MA

CoolSculpting Elite for Jowls

CoolSculpting Elite is another great noninvasive treatment option for individuals who want to treat droopy jowls without surgery. This FDA-cleared fat reduction procedure is an excellent solution for those who are afraid of needles or do not wish to experience significant downtime. CoolSculpting Elite uses advanced fat-freezing technology called cryolipolysis to freeze unwanted fatty tissue in the jowls and jawline.

During the treatment, a special device is applied to the treatment area. The device cools the area and slowly freezes the fat cells. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die, and the body naturally eliminates them over time. As a result, CoolSculpting Elite improves jowling and makes the area appear tighter and more sculpted. Overall, CoolSculpting Elite is a safe and effective way to reduce stubborn fat and improve the definition of your jowls, chin, and jawline.

CoolSculpting Elite sessions for the chin or jaw area run from one to three hours, with the applicator to freeze each portion of the jaw area in place for 45 minutes. Two treatment sessions are recommended 4-6 weeks apart. Each treatment session consists of treating 1-3 areas of the jaw depending on your aesthetic goals. After each session, you may experience mild redness, numbness, or swelling. These symptoms go away on their own. There is no recovery time, and you can resume normal activities after treatment. Patients see their complete results in three months and may see improvements as early as four to five weeks after treatment.

See impressive CoolSculpting Elite before and after results and how this non-surgical and non-invasive treatment really reduces jowls without surgery or downtime.

Firm Sagging Jowls in Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a safe, non-surgical facelift solution to tighten your jowls and provide long-lasting results with no down time in the New England area, call us (508 947-2852) or email us at The New England Center for Body Sculpting. To learn more about how EMFAce and CoolSculpting Elite could help you achieve your goals, schedule your personal consultation with one of our experts. Virtual consults are now available for EMFace. The New England Center for Body Sculpting serves clients in Greater Boston, Greater Providence, Newport, South Shore, Southcoast MA, Southeastern MA, Plymouth County, and Cape Cod. All of our treatments are noninvasive with no down time.

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