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Emsculpt reviews explain why the new body shaping is becoming so popular. Making its debut in 2018, Emsculpt was the only non-invasive body contouring treatment of its kind. It targets muscle, not fat, like most other body shaping treatments, such as CoolSculpting.  By building, strengthening, and toning muscle fibers, Emsculpt can significantly develop and define the musculature of the abs, gluts, arms, and thighs. A single, 30 minute treatment induces 20,000+ super powerful muscle contractions. This is the equivalent of performing 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats or 20,000 lunges or 20,000 bicep curls.

While it may sound too good to be true, Emsculpt before and after pics and reviews prove that the muscle building treatment actually works. Read on to see what real patients have to say about their experience and their results.

Emsculpt Reviews in Popular Media

To provide readers with unbiased Emsculpt reviews, editors from numerous magazines underwent the body contouring procedure themselves.

Emsculpt Reviews from Women’s Health

“Now, one month after my final sesh, I’ve noticed a slightly slimmer waist and little lines starting to carve around my abs. And my doughnut, though still there, looks less pronounced, especially from the side…I’m not disappointed.

I’m more confident than ever, and not just because I’m fitting into tinier tops. I love how strong I feel during my runs and workouts—the strongest I’ve felt yet. That’s the real miracle. Machine-made or not.”


Emsculpt sculpts and contours your physique by building, strengthening, and toning muscle

Emsculpt Reviews from Byrdie

“ I couldn’t believe how quickly [the treatment] breezed by. The next day, my stomach area was slightly sore, like after a particularly intense Pilates class…Then, one day I looked in the mirror and literally did a double take. Could it be? Could those be faint outlines of muscle definition I was seeing in my stomach area? Could they be… abs? It was like one day I woke up and my stomach area was visibly smaller and more toned. My body shape has always been more straight-up-and-down than anything curvy, but suddenly, my waist appeared smaller and I had more of an hourglass shape…I felt more confident in my swimsuit, wearing a cropped top, and being naked. It’s not like I suddenly woke up with a rock-hard six-pack, but it was undeniable: Emsculpt had worked, and my stomach area was tighter and more toned than it had ever been in my life.”

CoolSculpting Reviews from Cosmopolitan

“I could FEEL my newly strengthened butt. I work out pretty regularly and felt a significant difference in the firmness of my upper donk (the technical term) when I flexed after session two. It felt rock-solid!”

CoolSculpting Reviews from New Beauty

“I was sore the next day—in a good way—like I had worked out the day before…I could tell there was a big difference in how toned my muscles felt and the payoff is wonderful.”

CoolSculpting Reviews from Mirror UK

“Overall I’m very impressed …my tummy is definitely much flatter and more toned. I have no doubt Emsculpt really work.”

Emsculpt Reviews from Vogue

“One of the best parts of this treatment is that there is no downtime. I scheduled my appointment right before heading into the office and was able to go about my day. Post-treatment, it hurt a little to laugh, the same way I’ve felt after an intense workout…I feel that good type of soreness like after a hard workout—and my Central Park run just got that much easier.”

Ready for Raving Emsculpt Reviews of Your Own?

If you are interested in strengthening and toning your abs, gluts, thighs, or upper arms, considered body contouring from New England Center for Body Sculpting. With treatments from a highly experienced medical professional, New England Center for Body Sculpting ensures you’ll be able to give a raving Emsculpt review of your own. Schedule a complimentary consultation today by contacting us online or calling 508 947-2852.


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