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For those asking, what is Emsculpt, we have answers to all your questions regarding the new body contouring procedure. Also known as Em Sculpt or M Sculpt, the innovative treatment burns fat to build, strengthen and tone muscle. It is scientifically proven to enhance the core and develop abs. It can also lift and firm the buttocks, offering a non-surgical alternative to a butt lift.


Emsculpt is not a muscle stimulating machine that you find at the gym or can buy off amazon. This revolutionary device utilizes proprietary High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. It produces a similar strength of magnetic field as an MRI. The HIFEM energy stimulates muscle tissue to perform a super powerful muscle contraction known as a “supramaximal contraction.”

When researching “what is Emsculpt,” you’ll come across the term “supramaximal contractions.” Broken down, the word supramaximal means “beyond what’s possible.” It refers to high tension muscle contractions that are involuntary and significantly surpass the tension that a person can normally exert and maintain on their own.

Burn Fat to Build Muscle

Emsculpt Builds, Strengthens, and Firms the Abdomen, Buttocks, Arms, and Legs


What is Emsculpt FDA cleared for?

Emsculpt is FDA-cleared to treat four main muscle groups. These groups include muscles in the abdomen, the buttock, the upper arms, and the upper legs. Athletes use Emsculpt to strengthen their core. Women use Emsculpt to firm their glutes for a lifted, firmer buttocks. Women also use Emsculpt to firm and improve their thighs. Men love Emsculpt for developing their biceps and triceps. And both men and women use Emsculpt on their abdomen to define their stomach and reduce belly fat.

How Much Does Emsculpt Cost?

What is Emsculpt Capable Of?

What is Emsculpt capable of? In a nutshell, Emsculpt burns fat to build muscle. During treatment, HIFEM energy increases metabolic reactions to break down fat cells. The fat is then used to fuel the powerful muscle contractions induced by the magnetic current from the Emsculpt machine. The muscle contractions stimulate both hyperplasia (the production of new muscle fibers and protein strands) and hypertrophy (the growth and development of existing muscle cells.)

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To appreciate the truly impressive answer of “what is Emsculpt capable of,” imagine performing 20,000 sit-ups or crunches in half an hour. Because this is what a single Emsculpt treatment is capable of. One cycle induces over 20,000 super powerful contractions. When considering the different treatment areas, 20,000 contractions would equal

  • 20,000 ab building exercises
  • 20,000 squats
  • 20,000 lunges
  • Or 20,000 bicep curls

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What is Emsculpt Treatment Like?

During an Emsculpt treatment, an applicator is placed over the selected muscle group. This applicator delivers HIFEM energy to the treatment location. The procedure does not hurt, but some patients report a strange feeling that may “tickle.” Cycles last for 30 minutes. There is no downtime. Therefore, individuals may return to their regular daily activities immediately after treatment. To date, there are no known Emsculpt side effects. However, your muscles have undergone an intense workout, and you will feel sore for a day or two. The soreness is like the muscle ache you feel after strength training exercises.

What is Emsculpt Going to Do for Me?

If you are now asking yourself, what is Emsculpt going to do for me, the best way to find out is to schedule a complimentary consultation with New England Center for Body Sculpting, the premier provider of body contouring in Southcoast, MA. Contact the center online or call 508 947-2852.


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