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When searching for Emsculpt near me, there are many things to think about when choosing a provider. Of course, Emsculpt price is an important consideration. However, there are many other factors to consider if you want to ensure you get a great experience and great results.

What is Emsculpt?

With recent clearance by the FDA in 2018, many people still do not know what Emsculpt is. The body contouring procedure is revolutionary to the industry. Unlike other body shaping treatments, like CoolSculpting, Emsculpt does more than target fat. It focuses on building, strengthening, and toning muscle. By stimulating muscle contractions with electromagnetic energy, Emsculpt focuses on a major component of body composition: muscle.

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Finding the Best Emsculpt Near Me

When shopping for an Emsculpt provider in Southeastern Massachusetts there is several things to consider. For the best Emsculpt near me, follow these tips:


There are great ways to save on Emsculpt cost. New client specials, packaging, and 0% financing options are all ways to get Emsculpt at affordable prices. But price should only be one point of many. Considering long-term implications of your treatment, it is more important to choose the best “Emsculpt near me” not necessarily the cheapest.


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As with any body contouring treatment, it is essential to be a good candidate for the procedure. Emsculpt is not for everyone. The best way to find out if Emsculpt is right for you is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Julia Edelman of the New England Center for Body Sculpting.

The most ideal candidate is a healthy man or woman who is at or near their ideal weight. Reputable providers are willing to tell their clients when a treatment is NOT their best option. Therefore, choose a body-contouring clinic that values their patient’s well-being over their bottom line.

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Emsculpt is a technique sensitive procedure. The skill of the person performing the treatment affects your experience and results. For the best bang of your buck, it is better to choose a provider with experience than a provider offering the lowest price.

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Emsculpt Near Me in Massachusetts

You now know what to look for when searching for Emsculpt near me. Discerning patients living in Middleboro value competitive pricing, reputable professionals, and clinics dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of their clients. That is why men and women who want the best Emsculpt in the South coast MA, choose the New England Center for Body Sculpting. Not only is the New England Center for Body Sculpting a respected body contouring clinic, it is one of the first Emsculpt providers in Southeastern Massachusetts. Their skill and experience with the muscle building treatment is unmatched in the region. Dr. Edelman is happy to provide a complimentary consultation to any person interested in learning more about Emsculpt. Schedule your no obligation consultation today. Contact online or call 508 947-2852.


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