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The past decade, technological advancements have transformed the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. Such is the case with the non-surgical body contouring treatment called Emsculpt. It has become one of the most popular body toning procedures being used today by people all across the US. Emsculpt is ideal for individuals trying to tone, contour and shed stubborn fat. Still, there are many other procedures on the market claiming to do what Emsculpt does.

For anyone looking to sculpt their body and build muscle, all the choices available can make the decision that much more difficult. It is why knowing the top reasons people are using Emsculpt body contouring is so crucial. Once you know what the grounds are, you will understand why so many make that choice.

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FDA Cleared Body-Contouring Treatment

Being an FDA cleared fat burning and muscle toning procedure makes Emsculpt stand in a class by itself. People looking to have a certain body part worked on, want peace of mind. They need to know that the process being used is something that is safe, effective and cleared by the FDA. That is exactly what they get with Emsculpt.

Can Target Many Parts of the Body

When it comes to having stubborn or unwanted fat, every person has one particular area in their body that has some. Some may think it is their stomach or legs while others find that it is their arms or butt. Whatever the area is in your body that you focus on, there’s a solution for you. The beauty of the Emsculpt procedure is that it can target numerous areas. Men may want sculpted arms and defined abs. Women on the other hand, desire their butt lifted and toned. Irrespective of the part you want treated, Emsculpt can end up reshaping, toning and defining it.

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Unlike Other Fat Removal Treatments

Emsculpt is different from other fat removal procedures on several fronts. One of them is its ability to deliver muscle contractions at unprecedented levels. In only 30 minutes, the procedure can cause muscles to contract 20,000 times. Because of this, muscle tissue your body needs is built at higher levels. In only a half hour treatment, your body will achieve fat-burning and toning definition equaling 20,000 crunches.

Non-Invasive, Quick & No Downtime

Individuals who want to have some part of their bodies worked on, always worry about downtime and the invasiveness of it. One of the great things about Emsculpt is that it provides body contouring without surgery. You can also get body building and toning results without any downtime. One specific section of your body only requires a 30-minute session. Best of all, you get non-surgical fat reduction in the area of your choice.

Emsculpt Can Change Your Life Today

These are only a few of the many reasons why people choose Emsculpt body contouring over other treatments. You can begin changing your life and the appearance of your body today. All it takes is a call to 508 947-2852 or a visit to the premier Emsculpt provider in the Middleboro, Massachusetts area, Julia Edelman. Dr. Edelman runs the New England Center for Body Sculpting. The center offers not only Emsculpt, but also other body contouring, women’s health & anti-aging treatments.


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